Balloons & Pilots

See what balloons and pilots will be attending our event

Still Celebration   Joe Vincent WEB

Balloon Meister

Pilot: Joe Vincent
Lives: Danville, IL
Balloon: Still Celebration

Joe got introduced to ballooning as a crew person and in August of 1997 received his pilot certificate. He was able to experience and fly in seven consecutive Alburquerque Fiestas with his wife/crew chief, Tracy. A main focus for Joe as a pilot was to introduce new people to ballooning and give people that first experience of a flight in a hot air balloon. Ballooning opened up a great amount of new experiences and many new friends from all around the world. In 2013, Joe and Tracy retired from active flying. They still remain close to the balloon community and are excited to be a part of the Balloons Over Vermilion event

CaZooee   Pilot Dean Carlton WEB

Host Pilot

Pilot: Dean Carlton
Lives: Danville, IL
Balloon: CaZooee
Years Ballooning: 20 years
Sponsor: Dr. Brad & Meggin Cooper – East Lake Hospital for Animals

Dean flies the CaZoee balloon, well known in the local area.  He lives in Danville with his family and ballooning is a big part of their lives.  He became a pilot when his family business sponsored balloons during most of the years of Balloon classic and they decided one weekend a year was not enough.  So they bought a used balloon, took lessons, got the experience they needed and they have been flying ever since.

Jolly Rollo   Larry Owen WEB

Host Pilot

Pilot: Larry Owen
Lives: Danville, IL
Balloon: The Jolly Rollo
Years Ballooning: 20 years
Sponsor: Terminix

Larry flies the Jolly Rollo.  His wife Sheelagh is also a balloon pilot.  Larry attended a balloon school in California in 1998 and earned his private and commercial hot air balloon license.  He also has a fixed wing private, commercial and instrument license.  Larry and Sheelagh have flown across the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Double Image Laurie Acuff Rev


Pilot: Laurie Acuff
Lives: Manito, IL
Balloon: Double Image
Years Ballooning: 24 years
Sponsor: ReMax Ultimate

Wild Rover Mike Boylan 1


Pilot: Mike Boylan
Lives: Washington, IL
Balloon: Wild Rover
Years Ballooning: 27 years
Sponsor: Mike & Dana Clary

Envy Pat Brouillet


Pilot: Pat Brouillet

Lives: Kankakee, IL
Balloon: Envy
Years Ballooning: 18 years
Sponsor: JAC Enterprises

Seymour   Ryan Carlton WEB


Pilot: Ryan Carlton
Lives: Danville, IL
Balloon: Seymour
Years Ballooning:  7 years
Sponsor: Vermilion County Title, Inc.

Sunny Side Up (2017)   Donna Carlton Vish WEB


Pilot: Donna Carlton-Vish
Lives: Danville, IL
Balloon: Sunny Side Up

Years Ballooning:  18 years
Sponsor: Lon & Nancy Henderson

Terri Lynn   Brad Chism REV WEB


Pilot: Brad Chism
Lives: Fishers, IN
Balloon: Terri Lynn
Years Ballooning: 17 years
Sponsor: First Savings Bank of Danville

Glorious Drifter   Tim Cloyd WEB


Pilot: Tim Cloyd

Lives: Runnells, IA
Balloon: Glorious Drifter
Years Ballooning:  11 years
Sponsor: TH Snyder Company

Pi Ball   Darrell Day  WEB


Pilot: Darrell Day
Lives: Rock Island, IL
Balloon: Pi-Ball
Years Ballooning:  37 years
Sponsor: First Midwest Bank

Tamo   Tamara Folley WEB


Pilot: Tamara Folley
Lives: Augusta, GA
Balloon: Tamo
Years Ballooning:  8 years
Sponsor: Classic Homes of Danville 

Cheaper Than A Wife   Jason Gaines WEB


Pilot: Jason Gaines
Lives: O’Fallon, MO
Balloon: Cheaper than a Wife
Years Ballooning: 20 years
Sponsor: Longview Bank & Trust

Wibbly   Broxk Gale  WEB


Pilot: Brock Gale
Lives: Danville, IL
Balloon: Wibbly
Years Ballooning: 5 years
Sponsor: Towne Machine

Honest Abe   Seth Goodman WEB


Pilot: Seth Goodman

Lives: Lincoln, IL
Balloon: Honest Abe
Years Ballooning: 7 years
Sponsor: The Nate Byram Sales Team – Coldwell Banker – The Real Estate Group

Mom's Toy 2   Debra Griest WEB


Pilot: Deb Griest
Lives: Urbana, IL
Balloon: Mom’s Toy 2
Years Ballooning: 21 years
Sponsor: William & Sharon Black

Sungard   Jim House  WEB


Pilot: Jim House
Lives: Mackinaw, IL
Balloon: Sungard
Years Ballooning: 31 years
Sponsor: Automation International

Sunglow   Jim Ireland 2018  WEB


Pilot: James Ireland

Lives: Lincoln, IL
Balloon: Sunglow
Years Ballooning: 29 years
Sponsor: Raymond James & Associates

4Ever39   Betsy Kleiss 2018  WEB


Pilot: Betsy Kleiss
Lives: Champaign, IL
Balloon: 4EVER39
Years Ballooning: 20 years
Sponsor: Occupational Risk Management

Sedona Sunset   Glenn Oconnell 2018 WEB


Pilot: Glenn O’Connell
Lives: Gilberts, IL
Balloon: Sedona Sunset
Years Ballooning: 36 years
Sponsor: Blackies Heating & Cooling

Good Greeph   Jim Phelan WEB


Pilot: Jim Phelan
Lives: Lincoln, IL
Balloon: Good Greeph
Years Ballooning: 19 years
Sponsor: Friends Over Vermilion

Sunsational  Kathy Reineke 2018 WEB


Pilot: Kathy Reineke

Lives: Mahomet, IL
Balloon: Sunsational
Years Ballooning:  35 years
Sponsor: Education Personnel Federal Credit Union

Knot Over   Al Reusch 2018 WEB


Pilot: Al Reusch
Lives: Macomb, IL
Balloon: Knot Over
Years Ballooning: 30 years
Sponsor: Shore Wealth Management

SubDivo   Pilot Dan Reusch WEB


Pilot: Dan Reusch
Lives: Peoria, IL
Balloon: Sub Divo
Years Ballooning: 13 years
Sponsor: Midwest Asphalt Company

Hour Big Bundle Of Joy   Walt Rudy 2018 WEB


Pilot: Walter Rudy
Lives: Wadsworth, OH
Balloon: Hour Big Bundle of Joy
Years Ballooning: 33 years
Sponsor: Bryant Industries

Nebula   Taylon Sandlin WEB


Pilot: Taylon Sandlin

Lives:  Fishers, IN
Balloon: Nebula
Years Ballooning: 5 years
Sponsor: Sunrise Hospitality, Inc.

Good And Plenty   Greg Saul WEB


Pilot: Greg Saul
Lives: Galesburg, IL
Balloon: Good & Plenty
Years Ballooning: 29 years
Sponsor: Myers Carpet Weavers

My Cup Of Tea   Tom Steinbock 2018 WEB


Pilot: Tom Steinbock
Lives: Crestwood, KY
Balloon: My Cup of Tea
Years Ballooning: 30 years
Sponsor: Full-Fill Industries

Lucky Charm   Denis Sutter WEB


Pilot: Denis Sutter
Lives: Hallsville, MO
Balloon: Lucky Charm
Years Ballooning:  22 years
Sponsor: Premier Appraisal Co of Danville

Hidden Shamrock   Penny Suttle 2018  WEB


Pilot: Penny Suttle

Lives:  Strasburg, OH
Balloon: Hidden Shamrock
Years Ballooning: 29 years
Sponsor: Jim & Linda Anderson

Too Hot To Handle   Mark Westra 2018 WEB


Pilot: Mark Westra
Lives: Greenfield, IN
Balloon: Too Hot to Handle
Years Ballooning: 13 years
Sponsor: Rawhide Meat Company

Eclipse   Scott Wooge WEB


Pilot: Scott Wooge
Lives: Saint Louis, MO
Balloon: Eclipse
Years Ballooning:  27 years
Sponsor: Balloons Over Vermilion

One Eye'd Jack   Jordan Cox WEB


Pilot: Jordan Cox
Lives: Westfield, IN
Balloon: One Eye’d Jack
Years Ballooning:  4 years
Sponsor: Vermilion County Republicans

Oggy The Friendly Dragon   Jack Semler WEB


Pilot: Jack Semler

Lives:  Westfield, IN
Balloon: Oggy The Friendly Dragon
Years Ballooning: 10 years
Sponsor: Old National Bank

Te Amo WEB


Pilot: Mike Shrum
Lives: Augusta, GA
Balloon: Te aMo
Years Ballooning: 19 years
Sponsor: Danville Area Chapter of Credit Unions

Glory Be   John Derado WEB


Pilot: John Derado
Lives: Lebanon, IN

Balloon: Glory Be (Tether)
Years Ballooning: 30 years
Sponsor:  Thyssenkrupp sponsored in partnership by thyssenkrupp Presta Camshafts & thyssenkrupp Crankshaft

Out Of The Blue   Tony Sandlin Rev 2017 WEB


Pilot: Tony Sandlin
Lives: Fishers, IN
Balloon: Out of the Blue (Tether)
Years Ballooning:  16 years
Sponsor:  Thyssenkrupp sponsored in partnership by thyssenkrupp Presta Camshafts & thyssenkrupp Crankshaft