Balloon School

Have you ever attended a class inside an inflated balloon?

Now is your chance!

Saturday, July 15th at 2:00 PM


How do hot air balloons work?

What makes them stay in the air?

What is the basket made of?

What does the material of the balloon feel like?

Balloon School at Balloons Over Vermilion

Focus of the school is to present information so kids and their parents will gain a basic understanding about all facets of ballooning in a hands-on environment.

In addition to lots of information, balloons will be cold-inflated so students can walk through them, feel them, see them up close, and see the lines, pulleys and vents that help pilots guide balloons in flight.  Safety is always paramount to everything pilots do, so no hot air/fire will be used during the demonstration.

Several stations will be set up for parents and children to go through to learn:

  • What makes a balloon fly?
  • How is a balloon and basket built?
  • What’s in a balloon basket? (there will be photo opportunities for kids in the basket)
  • How do you become a pilot?
  • How does weather factor into flying?
  • What is a crew and how do they train?
  • Safety
  • How do you play a baggie-toss game with a completion X?
  • What/where is Balloon Camp and how can I attend?

The hope is that with this up close and personal exposure to hot air balloons, a whole new generation of pilots and crew and people who just love hot air ballooning will be developed for the future of the sport.  So we hope you come join us and you and your children get to learn more about the sport of hot air ballooning!

Balloon School at Balloons Over Vermilion

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